Lecture notes on molecular interferometry on the arXiv

In these lecture notes we review recent developments in far-field diffraction at a single nanomechanical grating and Kapitza-Dirac Talbot-Lau interferometry. Among others, it covers the following points:

  • What is the influence of the van der Waals attraction on the matter-wave and how can we reduce it?
  • Why are mechanical gratings not the optimal choice for biomolecules?
  • What happens when a large molecule absorbs a photon in a standing light wave?
  • How can absolute absorption cross sections of large molecules be measured in a matter-wave interferometer?

Additionally, we discuss our efforts to produce slow beams of intact biomolecules – a veritable challenge as a lot of biomolecules such as amino acids or peptides decompose when they get too hot.

The lectures notes will be published in press in “Les Houches Summer School, Session CVII–Current Trends in Atomic Physics, July 2016”, but you can find an electronic version also on the arXiv.

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