New preprint on a fiber-based beam profiler

How can you measure the width of a high-power laser 100 ┬Ám away from a mirror in ultra-high vacuum? Find the answer here!

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Member of German Aerospace Center

After six very enjoyable and productive years in Vienna, I’m slowly preparing to head off for new shores to start an independent research group. This will be part of the newly-established Institute of Quantum Technologies, which is in turn part of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The new institute is located in Ulm, so just a few hundred kilometers along the Danube. In the next few months I’ll continue planning my new lab before moving to Ulm completely by the end of the year.

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Editorial Board Member

Starting with the end of June, I’ll start serving the community as Editorial Board Member for Elsevier’s data journal “Data in Brief”. So if you have a set of data you want to share with others, this might be a way to go.

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Congratulations to Dr. Christian Knobloch

My dear friend and colleague Christian Knobloch successfully defended his thesis on “Coherent matter-wave manipulation techniques” today! Hurra!

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Education Worshop for Quantum Technologies

I’m currently at the first International Conference of the Quantum Technologies Flagship in Grenoble, France, and the atmosphere is quite remarkable. Everybody is in an enthusiastic mood and seems to buzz with excitement. This is especially true for the member of the Education Workshop. We met yesterday for the first time and already we have achieved so much. Many Thanks to Oxana Mishina, Frank Wilhelm-Mauch and all other participants for all their work and dedication!

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Finding the ultimate grating for atomic matter-waves

What happens when you accelerate hydrogen atoms to a breathtaking velocity of 120’000 m/s and shoot them onto the thinnest membrane there is? You get a absolutely fascinating diffraction pattern! In our new publication we theoretically describe what to expect and how this is the ultimate mechanical grating for atomic matter-waves. More information can be found here.

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Publication in Physical Review Letters

Our manuscript on preparing internally cold beams containing only a single molecular structure was published in Physical Review Letters.

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