13.04.2018 Poster and interactive experiment at the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” (long night of research) with Georg Richter and Ugur Sezer

“How do you get a particle to be at two positions at the same time?”

18.10.2016 physics@school
Lecture at Rainergymnasium in Vienna with Armin Shayeghi about the search for the boundary between the classical and the quantum world.
“Auf der Suche nach der Grenze zwischen klassischer und Quantenwelt”

13.06.2015 – Campus festival of the University of Vienna
Presenting experiments and discussing with the public about research on quantum optics conducted at the University of Vienna.

19.06.2015 – Physik Soiree
Public evening talk at the open day of the faculty of physics at the University of Vienna about matter-wave interferometry of large molecules.
“Wann lässt man Schrödingers Katze aus dem Sack?”

04.10.2014 Talk at the science exhibition “Wirkungswechsel” about molecular matter-wave diffraction.

04.04.2014 Poster at the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” (long night of research) with Christian Knobloch.