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Series of posts on matter-wave optics

This week I will start a little series of posts on matter-wave optics, beginning with a phenomenological review of what distinguishes a wave from a particle. Over time we will discuss a number of concepts that are fundamental to the … Continue reading

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New study on methoxyindoles

When you introduce a substituent to an aromatic system in organic chemistry you are mostly interested in the effect on the aromatic. The reason for this is that substituents are often attached in specific positions to steer the outcome of … Continue reading

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Lecture notes on molecular interferometry on the arXiv

In these lecture notes we review recent developments in far-field diffraction at a single nanomechanical grating and Kapitza-Dirac Talbot-Lau interferometry. Among others, it covers the following points: What is the influence of the van der Waals attraction on the matter-wave … Continue reading

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New publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A

The first publication published in 2017  is a study about the photophysical identity of the lowest excited singlet states for three different fluoroindoles. We could show that the orientation of the transition dipole moment for substituted indoles is not a … Continue reading

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